Making friends Eskimo brothers

Today’s post happened just recently, roughly two weeks ago to be exact. But it goes hand in hand with my first post because, Dimples is/was (I’m not sure) besties with Freakin’ Puerto Rican. And i fucked him. Oops. not oops it was great and I’ve had a crush on Dimples since high school.

So basically, I’m a raging slut because I was supposed to be spending the night with Persian Baby Face (another few stories for another time) but I just got really bored of him and texted Dimples, if I could come “spend the night” he knew what he was getting into and said yes.

Drove the whole one block away (slightly drunk, I’m so sorry world, yet another reason I need to remain anonymous) and knew going to Dimple’s house was the right choice. We caught up a little bit, watched the ending of a Cub’s game and got straight into it. I didn’t even pretend to have false pretenses, we both knew why I was there. Dimples was a great kisser, 10/10 would recommend to you ladies. The sex was honestly pretty damn good. Didn’t want to scare him by telling him what I’m actually into so we kept it simple. Missionary to doggie. Good. I’ve been really horny lately so I wish we could have gone like two or three more rounds but whatever. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

I was a satisfied customer (I didn’t pay for sex, just an expression. Please don’t get me arrested) fell asleep immediately afterwards. Unbeknownst to me, he had left the bed in the middle of the night after i fell asleep. I wake up around 6am to realize he’s not around.  I’m guessing he went to the bathroom so I went back to bed. wake up again around 9:30 and home boy is is no where to be found. I don’t even know where he could have gone. It looked like a one bedroom house, I was still a little drunk but not drunk enough to not realize a missing person, where one had laid hours earlier. in my crazy girl mind, I left without saying goodbye so I left him wanting more, right? Right?! So, I grabbed my shoes, redressed and headed home. Feeling satisfied and a little confused.

An open message to Dimples: I had a great time. did you not? like would want another round. please consider. Also where did you go? when did you leave the bed?

Signed, A confused and sexually frustrated woman. Text me 😉

Also, side not. While leaving Dimples to go home, i was still a bit tipsy and drove over a huge pile of rocks and scratched the paint on my car. Am still mad about it, but could totally forget if you would fuck me again. and this time a little rougher, please.


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