Sometimes I drink to forget…

just kidding that would make me an alcoholic đŸ˜‰  Sometimes I just drink and then forget. Oops. So this story is a typical end of the school year get it out of my system drunken night blur.

It all started in a jeep ( ugh wish it would have ended in the jeep too, if you catch my drift). A few platonic guy friends and my best girlfriend and I went Jeeping and since I wasn’t the driver you bet your sweet ass I was drinking. Maybe a little too much. Kinda way too much but school was over, almost. lol. If you haven’t realized by now I’m great at prioritizing.

We finished driving around back roads and our local town and went to get dinner. What’s dinner without a marg or two. We turned our margs into roadies because we were pushing 8 and needed to get ready.

Bestie leaves me on my own. Drunk as a duck and I pick out the lovely outfit of a black sports bra, blue summer dress, and chacos. CHACOS. WELP. I did the damn thing y’all. Went to the bars in that outfit. I’m not sure how it looked or how my makeup was because I was turnt.

Now here’s the catch. I live on th actual street where our bar scene is, so I walked out my front door, saw some friends and cut a block long line. This is where it gets a little sketchy, but who really knows because it’s all hear say. I threw my ID into the bar and the bouncer surprisingly just let me go haha. I have such a way with people. Oh also some nice boy behind me paid for me to get in( $5 at the door= drinks all night). I literally run in the overcrowed bar which on this particular night was more like a house party.

I see one boy who I’ve had my sights on for awhile despite my best judgment and the constant No’s from my friends. I was going to make Grease Ball happen. Oh, Grease Ball. Well if nothing else he has great style. Which is another shock as to how I got him home. We both left the bar promptly. We interrupted a party going on in my house and went straight for my room. Things started heating up, and drunk me goes after it so I told him to choke me while we make out. Then I proceeded to give him a blow job. Welp after all this he is very satisfied, but he says lets go back to the bars. If you recall I had thrown my ID into the bar and no longer had it. He went along with the promos to call me after the bars and come back. Yours truly lost her phone, ID, and a little dignity. I had sooo many people tell me they watched me cut and throw my ID inside the bar.

But chalk one up for drunk me. Got home safely. Got a boy I’ve had my sights on. And got back all my belonging the next day.

A huge drag to lay on the already bad case of Grease Ball, he wears American Eagle boxers. Now come. We are in our 20’s there’s no need for mommy to still buy your undies babe.

Until next time my sex fiends. Have fun, and get some.


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