I thought we were in love

This particular guy will be the hardest for me to post about because, although I wouldn’t let him call me his girlfriend, we did date for a year and a half. I honestly thought the way he treated me was the way every relationship went. I discovered what I like, sexually and otherwise with him. I learned how to give a great blow job, and where to put my legs when he’s on top. As much as I wish Mr. Lankey never happened, I am so so thankful that I had all these experiences in a nonjudgmental and trusting environment. Essentially this first post, is some background information and the first time we met.

The first time I was introduced to Mr. Lankey, I liked him. He was witty and well dressed. He knew all the right things to say, and had a really fun group of friends. He was so great and I was young, so in my eyes he was perfect. I texted his best friend to make “it” happen. “It” being getting Mr. Lankey and I together. Welp it happened the very next day we went on a double date with said friend and his then girlfriend. It was a really fun date to be honest, and we went back to what we then called the smoke house, but I would soon call the sex house. You see Mr. Lankey was in a fraternity, and he lived in at the time we dated, but his parents owned a house a few blocks away that no one lived in. Mr. Lankey and his friends used the house to pre game, smoke, basically all typical illegal and fun college activities.

Aside from being used as a play house, it was really nice and newly renovated, however there was very limited furniture. I’m 18, only had sex with two boys at this point I knew Mr. Lankey had only had sex with his high school girlfriend, but our inexperience did not stop us from jumping straight into it. We had sex and he ate me out for my first time ever, I fell in love with his actions, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before I fell in love with him. I guess I dosed off after a while, and woke up to a cheese, pepperoni and jalapeño pizza sharing the mattress with the two of us. With everything else that came along with Mr. Lankey, I would learn to love this, and get used to it.

It was nearly 3am when I woke up, he asked me if I wanted to smoke and I said yes. Had I known what dabs were and how much he was going to give me, I probably should have said no. Let’s just say I got so high, I felt like i was drowning whilst laying on his bed. We each had another slice of pizza had sex a few more times and in the morning he drove me to my class. This story is the beginning, for my year long sex learning experience. I’ve shared my most fucked up but also my most vulnerable nights with Mr. Lankey. So stay tuned.

Until next time my sex fiends. Have fun, and get some.


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